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it happens in a blink; it happens in a flash

what is it i've done with my life

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army sister• my brother served two tours with the 3rd infantry division in baghdad •writer• characters talk to me from inside my head •fangirl• addictive personality and active imagination •fanficcer• angst is my specialty •reader• mysteries, urban fantasy, action & adventure, young adult •tv addict• anything that went off the air before 1995 and a few things from after •movie fan• movies where shit blows up or that make me cry •liberal• it's not a dirty word •american• don't ever tell me i can't support the troops without supporting bush and his war for the rights to middle eastern oil •drinker• red wine, margaritas, mudslides, daiquiris •twenty-something• i work for a living, i go out, i shop, i have funcat person• bailey, barney and tabbers •accountant• numbers make far more sense than people ever will •heather• any of various heaths of England and Scotland, having small, pinkish-purple flowers


•blue bloods•boomtown•ncis•21 jump street•army wives•booker•house, m.d.•harry potter•the west wing•band of brothers•star wars•supernatural•x-men•simon & simon•walker, texas ranger•sons of thunder•dawson's creek•nancy drew•the hardy boys•
•danny reagan/linda reagan•joel stevens/teresa ortiz•tony dinozzo/ziva david•tom hanson/judy hoffs•james wilson/lisa cuddy•remus lupin/lily evans•sam seaborn/ainsley hayes•josh lyman/donna moss•hobbie klivian/inyri forge•wedge antilles/iella wessiri•tom hanson/judi hoffs•scott summers/jean gray•francis gage/sydney cooke•pacey witter/joey potter•joe hardy/nancy drew•frank hardy/nancy drew•
•tony dinozzo/tim mcgee•tom hanson/dennis booker•gregory house/james wilson•remus lupin/sirius black•sam seaborn/josh lyman•wedge antilles/tycho celchu•carlos sandoval/trent malloy•doug witter/jack mcphee•

My life hardly exists outside of fandom. If you friend me, be prepared to see more ramblings about my current obsessions than anything resembling real life. Also, fanfiction. Seven fandoms (Blue Bloods, 21 Jump Street, Harry Potter, House, M.D., Star Wars (pilot fic), Supernatural and The West Wing) appear in my journal entries, with many more to come. Please comment; concrit is always welcome! Reposting/archiving is fine so long as you let me know. :)

And, to that end, I thought it was worth adding this to my profile. I'm a 28-year-old woman and I read science fiction. I've bought comics and I do drag my boyfriend to see sci-fi movies because I want to see him, not because he does. I've been watching Star Trek and Star Wars both since I was a kid and I grew up on shows like Next Generation and Quantum Leap and I do belong in the science fiction demographic. Click here for more information.

Star Wars was my introduction to online fandom, and is and probably always will be my biggest fandom for writing and reading fic. I have a ton of fics posted on the board I help run, Downtime, which is devoted to pilot!fic (primarily Rogue and Wraith Squadrons). I can't identify my favorite pilot because they're all just so damaged and lovable.

I wasn't a New Kids fan back in the day, but I fell in love with Donnie Wahlberg when he played C. Carwood Lipton in Band of Brothers, and I fell even harder when he showed up as Detective Danny Reagan on Blue Bloods. The tough-ass cop who's head over heels for his wife and adores his kids, but has a lot of baggage... pretty sure this character was written to get my attention.

Johnny Depp was my first celeb crush... and then Richard Grieco came along for the third season of 21 Jump Street and his spinoff, Booker (which they haven't put out on DVD yet!). The two of them together may be the hottest thing going. They push each others' buttons, challenge each other (and piss each other off). And they're really hot in jeans.

Massive Harry Potter fan; Remus Lupin might be one of the most awesome fictional characters ever. Rowling made werewolves interesting.

Slightly (or more than slightly) obsessed with Supernatural and especially Jensen Ackles. I knew who he was before the rest of you fangirls did, so there. Not a wincest fan; their brotherly relationship is angsty and dramatic enough already. And the show, if you haven't seen it... you're missing out.

I've developed a new obsession with NCIS in general and Tony DiNozzo in particular. Goofy and somewhat sexist, constantly flirting with anything in a skirt and cracking jokes like there's no tomorrow, all to keep people from getting too lost in the weight of their work or from getting too close to him and learning his secrets. I'm not totally Tiva yet but Ziva is growing on me. I love a tough bitch.

History, the military, World War II, Men in Uniform. I adore Band of Brothers. You can get more than the gist of it from reading my ramblings on my journal. I'm slightly a WWII buff and adore damaged characters in my fiction so this was made for me. Allow me a moment of seriousness. The men of Easy Company saw some of the toughest times of the European campaign. As people, they're heroes beyond question. As characters, they're fascinating, inspirational, and heartbreaking.


Look me up at DownTime for my Star Wars pilot!fic.
See my page at fanfiction.net for unfinished works in various fandoms, along with some completed pieces.
You can find my current writings (and fic-related ramblings) on my livejournal. Friends-only but I'm happy to add people I meet in fandom.
You'll also intermittently see mention of my original work in my journal entries. I have a habit of starting things, realizing they suck, and moving on to something else.


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