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26 September 2007 @ 10:37 am
Fanfic Index  
I've decided to index all my fic posted on LJ, by fandom.  This post is public; however the entries are all private.  If you wish to read them, please friend or post here and request that I add you and why.  Thanks :)

21 Jump Street

 Irreparable, high PG-13
 (chapter 1)

Harry Potter

 A Black Heart, high PG-13, (part 1)
 Disconnected, G, Deathly Hallows spoilers
 In That We Have Failed, G

House, M.D.
Individual fics
 What Words Cannot Explain, R for subject matter (part 1, part 2)
 Reasons, PG
 Constant, G
 This is Me, PG-13 for subject matter, House/Dead Poets Society crossover
 Angry, PG
 Plan, PG-13 for subject matter
 Addiction, PG


 On a Cool Breeze, G
 Win, PG
 Wait, PG
 Benefits, PG-13
 Thanks for Lunch, PG

NCIS: Los Angeles
Dangerous Liaisons, PG-13
(one, two, three, four)

Star Wars (mostly pilot!fic)

 A Look Into the Past, PG (DT, vignette series)
 Among Friends, G (DT)
 Brief Sojourn, G (DT)
 Celebration, G (DT)
 Damages, G
 Dead Before I Get There, PG (DT)
 General Cracken to see you, sir, G
 His Choice, G (DT)
 It's Complicated, PG (slash warning)
 The Kind of Leader, G (DT)
 Leave the Bottle, G
 Loss, G
 Maybe, PG (DT)
 Morning, PG (DT)
 On the Edge, (JC Forums, Kyp/Jaina)
 Rogue Leader, G
 Survivor, PG (DT)
 Things I'll Never Say, G (DT, songfic)
 Too Young, PG (DT)
 Untitled (Pash/Mirax), PG, (DT)
 Worth It, PG (DT)

 False Truths, PG-13 (DT, Incomplete)
 What We May Be, PG-13 (DT, Incomplete)

Jesina 'verse
 A New Path, PG-13 (JC Forums)
 Bitter Reunion, PG-13 (JC Forums)
 Shades of the Past, PG-13 (DT)
 At All Costs, PG-13 (DT)

 A Year in the Life, PG-13
 Afraid, PG-13
 Hero, PG-13
 Sacrifice, PG-13
 Save You, PG-13

Stronger 'Verse
 She's There, PG-13
 What Doesn't Kill You, PG-13
The West Wing
 Friends, G
 Life, PG
 Watch, G
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