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Graphics Resources

Not that I've posted much for icons but I'm hoping to once I get better at it and since, by then, I'll have hopelessly lost track of where I get my caps from (though I'm trying very diligently!), a resource post.  This will be updated as I save caps, create icons, and use tutorials and brushes (which I don't even know how to use yet.

Screen Caps (by fandom)
Band of Brothers -- Caps courtesy of rommipullo
House, M.D. -- Caps courtesy of bluebear_74, rainy_days, jukebox_grad
The West Wing -- Caps courtesy of _jems_
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban
-- Caps courtesy of CrystalFires.net
X-Men -- Caps courtesy of CrystalFires.net
X-Men 2: X-Men United -- Caps courtesy of CrystalFires.net
X-Men 3: The Last Stand -- Caps courtesy of CrystalFires.net

house: wilson/cuddy together

Public Fanfic100 Post

This is the public version of my fanfic100  table. The links within and in the master list below go to the public posts on wilson_cuddy.

The claim is James Wilson & Lisa Cuddy.  Most (but not necessarily all) stories will take place within the bounds of a storyline I've created for the house_bigbang, in which Wilson & Cuddy end up together.  That story will be posted in, I believe, February 2008 when house_bigbang wraps up.

If you wish to read my other fic, you can find it in housefic, house_wilson, and wilson_cuddy.  Or you can comment on my friends-only post and ask to be added.  If I know you from fandom, chances are that I will.

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My goal is to complete this by August 31, 2008.